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Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon #3Next, we have another impressive model that is both visually appealing and difficult to make even in its regular version. Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon 3 was the first to see the light of day in 2013. The complication is made even more visible by its flying gyrotourbillon, which lacks an upper bridge. It is also the first grand complication watch to feature a stop-watch function that uses a digital display. The model's artistic version, which is part of the Hybris Artistica line, raises the bar because its case is made from tantalum. This rare material is extremely difficult to make.

Grande Tradition Tourbillon CelesteMaster Grande Tradition Tourbillon CelesteAnother member from the Hybris Artistica collection, Grande Tradition Tourbillon Celeste is oriented towards the stars. It includes a tourbillion flying around the dial. It uses Sirius as its reference point and has a sidereal clock instead of the solar. JLC artisans used aventurine in a royal blue shade to create a night sky representation. It also features guilloche motifs that were then covered with transparent lacquer on the dial and flange. The unusual case structure of this watch is also unique. Its domed sapphire does not have a bezel to hold it in place, but is instead attached directly to the case back.

Master Gyrotourbillon 1The first Gyrotourbillon, which U-Boat Replica Watches launched a decade ago, is the next watch in the series. The feather-light tourbillion's two carriages are composed of the inner and outer carriages.replica watches The upper half of your face displays additional functions. These include the retrograde date display and the running equation of times. On the rear of the case is the final display which tells if it is a leap year or common year.

The model's technical excellence is complemented by a poetic and artistic approach. The model features an unusual feature: a completely skeletonized dial made from aventurine plate with intricate carvings, and coated with blue lacquer. This model also features a clever housing construction that does not require a bezel, as was the case with the previous model.

Reverso Cordonnet NegaThe last watch is for women. It is decorated with stunning stone setting. Reverso Cordonnet Neva is the first of these watches, and it's a beautiful ladies' timekeeper. We have another piece with a reversible housing. Reverso Coronnet Nega has an Art Deco-inspired overall design, as is evident on the bracelet's cord-type that was typical for the time. The technical aspect of this timekeeper, which is actually a modern interpretation of the brand's 1930s vintage model, is actually quite basic compared to the other Hybris Artistico members.blancpain replica It only has two central hands that can be used for hours and minutes. It is not as impressive as other models in terms of the embellishments. This white gold watch features wavy motifs and has its dial, bracelet and case completely covered with diamonds using the snow-setting technique.

Rendez-Vous CelestialAnother sparkling watch in the series is Rendez-Vous Celestial, which was inspired by astrology. The brand's distinctive stretching numerals are displayed in an arc at the dial's top. Below that, the watch features an elliptical opening which reveals a lapis-lazuli-revolving section. It features the Western Zodiac's painted signs and a single shooting stars that can be placed at the wearer's choice. The watch's decorations are just the beginning. Except for the oval opening, all surfaces are paved in baguette-cut diamonds using the Jeager LeCoultre patented, mysterious rock setting technique. This does not include any visible metal components between the precious stones.

Rendez-Vous Tourbillon This model has a tourbillion complication instead of the revolving sky. The flange also contains nine Arabic numerals the same size. The watch is made entirely from white gold, and has been rock-set to include diamonds.