Croma is a design and development agency born in 2015 from the collaboration of young professionals


Conceived as a coworking space, we have evolved into a fully fledged agency while maintaing the core value rooted in our work, people.

Our business started off as a coworking space and throughout the years it has evolved into a reference point for anyone looking for creative and artistic endeavours in Alba.
Our proficiency in working as a team and our fondness for new partnerships result in a dynamic and expert driven approach to our work, all the while guaranteeing professionalism and a satisfied customer.

While our grandparents might not understand what we do for work, we are sure they are proud of us.

We tirelessly update and improve the digital tools we give to our clients, in order to assist them in all their business affairs, from sales to management.
That is the reason why our projects are tailored to our clients` needs and aimed at refining the user experience.

We don’t really like to talk about ourselves.

We love our work though. And we always put our all into what we do. Therefore while we are not that active on social media, if you’d like you can follow us here.

We are cooperative, we were born this way.

Ever since our inception, we have believed professionalism and cooperation being the success of every big endeavour.
That is why we offer others our skills: we are the ideal partner for everything related to tech support, from front-end to back-end.